Les Musicables' Santa Delivers Presents to HDB Flats through the Rubbish Chute and Other Lies Your Loved Ones Might Have Told You

When you were young, your parents would occasionally massage the truth/ tell you a fib/ be economical with facts, and then you'd find out and your little world would be shattered like a small, fragile glass ball dropped onto a hard concrete floor.

The analogy is that your innocence is the ball and the truth is the concrete floor. The floor wins. Every time.

The Improv Company's Les Musicables presents an improvised Christmas musical! Running from Dec 16-18, we'll be creating a brand-new musical every night based on a suggestion from you, the audience, with songs, scenes and sometimes dances created by the players right before your eyes. Maybe we'll even use one of those lies that your parents told you. Man, they really told us some whoppers.

See you there!

Note: The performance on Dec 16, Friday begins at 9pm.
Dec 16 - Dec 18, 2016
[ Fri ] - [ Sun ]
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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62B South Bridge Road
Dec 16, Friday, 9pm SOLD OUT $15.00
Dec 17, Saturday, 8pm SOLD OUT $15.00
Dec 18, Sunday, 8pm SOLD OUT $15.00
Friday & Sunday Shows SOLD OUT $20.00
Saturday and Sunday Shows SOLD OUT $20.00
Venue Address
62B South Bridge Road Singapore
The Improv Company